I went to church this morning. I always sit in the back pew. I’m happiest there.

But this morning the back pew was full. I had to sit in the third row from the front. I was okay briefly. But then I could feel people’s prayers moving forward past me. It was unsettling. I tried to brush them off, but they stuck to my hands.

I got up and went to the front where the priest was leading the service. I dunked my hands in the holy water so I could wash off the prayers. People got upset. I wasn’t being disrespectful. I figured the prayers now had a better chance of being answered. But I was asked to leave and not come back.

I sulked as I walked home. I was disenchanted and felt low.

But then a raven flew in front of me and flapped its wings in place.

I said, “Yes?”

The raven said, “Stop your sobbing. Really, you make too much of things. When one thing wears out, you get another.”

I said “Okay.” I felt myself standing taller. I walked with a stride.

I soon came upon a clown. He was a street performer. He was juggling and quite badly. He got down on himself about it. I laughed. I stayed through his whole show.

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