I went for a hike early this morning. I came upon a hole in the ground. I went down inside to see where it lead. I used the light from my iphone to see the surroundings and found myself walking around some caves. They were cold and damp.

I walked a little further. I soon discovered an immense underground lake. The water was still. I went in. It was freezing! But the calm waters were so soothing. I swam for a couple of hours. I thought, “I want to live down here.”

I exited the cave, got all my stuff, moved it down into the cave, right on the shore of the lake. I felt peaceful and at home. All of a sudden lights were turned on in the cave. Everything was illumined. People started showing up in droves. They ran or dove into the lake and swam wildly and splashed each other and talked loudly. It turns out someone owns the cave and charges people to swim in the lake. It’s advertised as having healing qualities. There’s a huge entrance.

I felt kind of dumb sitting there with my huge pile of belongings. I thought about packing it all up and going home.

But then I thought, “What the hell!” and I got a job as a life guard.

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