L. Cohen

I was laying in bed, looking out the window, watching the tree grow.

I got a phone call. It was from Leonard Cohen. I was happy to hear from him. I told him I was going to see him in concert tonight.

He said that was why he was calling. He got my number from the list of people who bought tickets. He choose me randomly. He was feeling nervous about performing and wanted to know if it would be okay if he didn’t perform.

I told that I’d be disappointed, but I would understand.

He was relieved. He said he expected me to be mad. He started to laugh. He must have laughed about three minutes. It was nice to hear him laugh. He’s got a deep resonating voice. It sounded like a song with laughing for words. I told him that.

He said that was a really good idea. I could tell he meant it. Suddenly he was excited again. He said that he changed his mind and would now like to go ahead and perform this evening. He wants to do the laughing song. He said he wanted to give me co-writing credit.

I said that it wasn’t necessary. I was just glad that his show was happening again.

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