Odd and Good

I was driving home in the rain this evening. The rain fell so hard, I couldn’t see out my windshield. I pulled over to wait it out.

I was sitting there when I heard a taping at my driver’s side window. I saw that it was a duck. I like ducks, so I rolled down the window.

I said, “Yes?”

The duck said, “Um, I can’t see where I’m flying and I was wondering if I could wait out the rain in your car?”

I said, “Sure.”

The duck said, “Well, actually, it’s not just for me. I was flying with a flock and I was hoping that you might have room for all of us?”

I said, “How many?”

The duck said, “14.”

I said, “I think I can fit you all in.”

The duck said, “Great”. She motioned to her flock mates and they waddled over and got in my car. It was a tight squeeze. I didn’t know this, but ducks express their agitation right away. So there was some loud disconcerting squaking as they tried to settle in. But then it went quickly tranquil.

I offered them some cashews. They accepted and ate them. Then we sat in silence for a while. The nice thing about hanging out with animals is it’s never awkward to sit in silence.

The rain soon ended. They thanked me and started to leave. I asked them, “Where are you headed?” One of the ducks said, “a field outside of Springfield.”

I said, “Oh, what the hell. I’ll drive you.”

A duck said, “Are you sure? You don’t have to be somewhere?”

I said, “I never plan anything. Interesting situations consistently fill my schedule.”

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