I flew back to Chicago. It was nice to be home. It had been a busy two weeks on the road. I unpacked and then went out to my backyard to relax in my hot tub. I turned on the jets of hot water and got in. I leaned back and looked at the stars.

An owl that lives in the neighboring chicory tree flew down to edge of the hot tub. The owl said, “May I join you?” I nodded.

The owl got in. It held its wings over the edge and floated next to me. We sat in silence.

A squirrel couple that lives high up in the oak tree came down and climbed to the tub’s edge. They said, “May we?” I nodded. They came in and sat one on each of my knees and relaxed with their heads just above the water. I closed my eyes and relaxed.

When I opened my eyes, there was the raccoon, floating with it’s arms hanging out over a bicycle inner tube. It raised an eyebrow for my okay. I winked.

I felt a wave of happiness and thought, “I can’t remember where I’ve been the past two weeks.”

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