I had the day free and flew to Vegas. I went to the New York New York casino. I like their slots. I played for about an hour and netted $255. I took myself to lunch. I got the 52nd Street Hot Dog plate. It’s an actual hot dog from a vendor on 52nd street. It was vacuum packed and flown in that day. There is still steam coming off of it. It was delicious!

I went back to the floor and played Black Jack. I play with those eye covers they give you on airplanes to help you fall asleep. This way I don’t see the cards the dealer presents me. I’m stuck with the feeling of the situation only. I’m a lousy thinker. I think too much. Words fill my head and I can’t think straight. I won big. $23,895.00. I cashed in my chips. I got it in five dollar bills. It filled my pockets. I felt rich.

I went outside for a walk. I walked north for a while. I passed the city limits. I was walking in the desert. I got to the red painted hills. I sat down on a big rock. It was a pretty view.

I saw a pelican fly by. I was thinking it must have escaped from the Venetian Hotel. They have a pretty descent zoo in their casino. I waved. It flew down and landed next to me. We sat in silence for a while.

The pelican asked, “How did you do?”

I showed him the two big fistfuls of cash.

The pelican said, “Nice.”

I asked the pelican, “How about you?”

The pelican opened it’s big hanging beak and showed me 2 salmon, one catfish, and 6 grouper.

I said, “Not bad yourself.”

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