I woke up this morning and was surprised to find a raccoon sleeping next to me. I was a little scared to wake it up because I heard that raccoons panic when startled and they have very sharp claws. I slid out of bed very slowly.

I stepped onto the floor and bumped against a hippo. The hippo shuffled a bit, but stayed asleep. I was more startled by the presence of the hippo than the raccoon. They are so big. And they smell!

I slid by the hippo. I stepped into my living room. There was a vulture perched on my couch. It was sleeping too, but it opened one eye. It was an intense eye. I guess they assess things on whether or not they can eat it. It closed its eye and went back to sleep.

I got out some orange juice and poured it into a glass. I sat down at my kitchen table and thought about how these animals could have come into my home. Last night I watched television until about midnight. I brushed my teeth and went to bed. I don’t remember any animals during any of these activities.

I felt something brush against my feet. It was cold and slimy. I looked down and saw a boa constrictor slither by. I was scared that it would wrap around me. But it went by and then down the hallway.

I noticed my side door was partially open. That must have been how they got in. But, why?

I got online to investigate. I saw on the local news that the zoo caught fire. Many of the animals died. But a good number escaped and they had yet to be found.

I heard the side door creak. I looked and saw a gorilla walk in. It sat next to me. It smelled of soot. It was scared. I got it a glass of water. The gorilla drank it down. I motioned towards my couch. The gorilla went and laid down. I put a blanket over him. He was asleep within seconds.

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