I Need to Know the Ending

Last night I went to a late night movie. It was called, “Scary? Yes!!”

During the first part of the movie, the main character goes up into his attic to investigate some sounds. He looks around. There’s a crash and the light goes out. The screen is black. For the next hour, all you hear are sounds: the main character breathing heavy with fear, large animals scampering and growling, screams, silence, a gun shot, more heavy breathing, lots of “Oh, my God!”, a thud, and then a long period of silence.

The tension was so strong that no one in the audience was texting. I had to use the bathroom, but couldn’t make myself leave. No one talked or rustled. Someone dropped their popcorn bucket and lot of people jumped up and gasped.

That’s when I noticed that the exit signs were out. They are usually lit up by the exit doors. Even the lights along the aisles were dark. I thought, “I’m in the attic.” I reached to my right and felt an old damp mattress. In front of me I came upon what seemed to be a lamp. Behind me was a traveling chest. I stood up and heard floor boards creak. I felt hot breath on the back of my neck.

I ran and quickly flipped over two rows of seats. I landed on a couple. Their sodas sprayed all over me. They swore and pushed me off their laps. I landed on the ground. Ushers came in and escorted me out. I said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”

I was brought outside the theater and told to never come back. I walked home. I felt like an idiot.

Since I am not allowed back, I can’t see the rest of the movie, and I really need to know, and I was wondering if one of my blog readers has seen this film, and if so, can you tell me what happened? Thanks.

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