Today I got my latest copy of Famous Monsters of Filmland in the mail. The main feature story is about a 1934 Universal Pictures movie called, “The Monster that Ate the Western Hemisphere”. I was excited. I saw that movie when I was seven. It’s amazing!

It’s about a winged creature from the planet Zentz that comes to the Earth in search of food. It eats the Western Hemisphere. The rest of the world is screaming in fear that they are next. But the creature is full and leaves. People are afraid that the creature will return and eat them. But eight years pass. Everyone has forgotten about the fear and relaxes again.

But in another galaxy, the creature from Zentz writes and publishes a book about tasty delicacies in the Universe. He rates Earth five stars. It becomes a bestseller. Suddenly scores of monsters head to Earth for dinner. We don’t see their gorging. But during the credits you hear the sounds of their eating.

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