Playing Sports

I belong to a softball league. It’s mostly men and a few women. We are all entrepreneurs. A few of us are good at baseball. Mostly we joined the league to give us something to do other than our businesses. We are pretty much work-a-holics.

I’m the first baseman. I like the position because I have to be on my toes. When I was in the outfield I would space out and start thinking about my business. Then someone would hit a ball out to where I was standing and they were guaranteed an extra base because I was as far as ready to get it as someone at home who had no idea we were playing.

I think I like the getting dressed up part the most. My pants are ultra white. I have cleats on my shoes. And I get to wear a protective cup. I think it’s the closest I’ve come to the feeling of Halloween I had as a kid. I loved that holiday because for a day it got me out of thinking about school.

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