I went to the wishing well. I made a wish and threw in a nickle. I went back home. I took a nap.

I was woken by a phone call from a radio station. They asked me if I knew who wrote and sang, “Runaway”. I said Del Shannon. I was right and I won a car. I took the bus to the radio station and picked up my car. I drove it to the wishing well.

I went up the wishing well and said, “You know, I asked for an iron to help me with my wrinkled shirts. I don’t know if you had something to do with the car. It’s nice. I appreciate it if you did. Anyway, I’m probably just impatient. It hasn’t yet been a day since I asked. Sorry. Okay, bye.”

I went back home. I laid down on my bed and looked out the window at the setting sun. There was a knock at my door. I answered it. It was my neighbor. She said she was moving and in packing saw she had two irons and thought of me. She gave me an iron.

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