This Morning, So Far…

I never drank coffee. But today I had my first cup. It tasted awful. But I felt great. I was full of whimsy!

I ran out of the coffee shop and down the sidewalk. I skipped! I couldn’t believe my enthusiasm. I sang out loudly, “It’s a beautiful day! Everyone is happy! Look at the sun shining on me! I don’t feel crappy!”

Some guy yelled at me from his car window, “Hey, get a room!”

I smiled and gave him the finger.

I ran into the street and dodged cars. People honked and skidded. I was unscathed.

At a stop light I danced on the hoods of stopped cars. I whistled and did cartwheels. I heard a driver swear at me. A woman from the sidewalk said, “Oh, my God!” A girl standing next to her had her mouth hanging open and her ice cream fell off the cone.

I ran back to the sidewalk. I shook passing strangers’ hands. An older person thought I was running for office and said they would vote for me.

I went into the bank and opened 12 checking accounts and got a free toaster. I went to local grocer’s, bought a loaf of bread, plugged in the toaster and toasted two slices. They were delicious.

A minute later I was exhausted. I lay on the ground. I felt guilt for my actions. I cried. How could I have let myself do this? I smelled coffee brewing. I stood straight up. I drank a cup. I ran back out into the street!

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