This morning I went fishing. I sat for a while on my lucky rock spot without any luck. Then around noon I got a bite. It was a strong pull. It almost pulled me off the boulder. I had to stand up to maintain good footing and balance.

The struggle lasted a half hour. Finally I felt the line relax. I pulled the fish out of the water. It was a minnow. I didn’t understand how it could have had the strength.

When I’d pulled the line all the way in I asked the minnow, “I’m amazed at your strength. How were you able to summon it up?”

The minnow said, “I’ve always been strangely strong. I think it must be genetic.”

I said, “Yes, you’re probably right. Still, I’m amazed.”

The minnow said, “Thanks”.

Then I cooked up the minnow on an outdoor fire pit I built with rocks and dry tree branches. I ate it for lunch. It was delicious and I felt full.

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