This Morning

Today I went to the convenient store by my house. I was thirsty and wanted a liter of water. I went in and was startled to see a robbery in progress. The gunman pointed his shotgun at my head and told me to get down on the ground. I started to and then realized that he wasn’t going to shoot me because it would get in the way of him getting the money.

I said, “I’m just here for water. I don’t want to interrupt you. I’ll make this quick.”

I walked over to the glass front fridge and got out some Arrowhead water. I brought it to the counter. The clerk was standing with his hands in the air. He was shaking.

I said, “How much?”

The clerk looked to the gunman who wasn’t saying a word. The clerk then looked to me. He said, “That will be $1.58.” I gave him two dollars. He gave me change. I walked back out the front door.

I sat out on the curb and drank the water. It was refreshing. I thought about what had just happened. It was vibrant in the moment. But now it was just a memory. It felt elusive like a dream.

A squirrel came a few feet from me. I was thinking he wanted some nuts. I didn’t have any. I thought of going back into the store and getting him some. But it seemed like it would be a hassle.

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