Being on Oprah

Yesterday I was on Oprah. There wasn’t any special show topic. We talked a little about movies we had seen and what we’d been up to generally. A lot of the time we sat quietly because we couldn’t think of anything to talk about.

She asked me if I was hungry and I said yes. We went to the commissary. The audience followed us. The cameras too. Everyone sat down to eat. I had a feta omelet. It was delicious. When we were done we all went back to the show’s set.

Oprah said she was glad to have eaten because she gets so busy that often she doesn’t have time to eat. I said I was glad.

I was a little groggy and fell asleep in my chair. She was very kind and didn’t wake me. When I woke she was reading a book. She noticed that I was awake and put the book down.

She said, “How was your nap?”

I said, “Pretty good. I needed it.”

She said, “Did you have any dreams?”

I said, “Yes, I dreamt I was riding on the back of a turtle. It was moving slowly across the desert. I began to get impatient. The turtle looked up at me and said, “That doesn’t help.” I apologized. I relaxed and enjoyed looking at the sand dunes and feeling the warmth of the sun.”

She said, “That was beautiful.”

I said, “I agree.”

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