My Weekend

I went kite flying this weekend. A very strong gust of wind lifted the kite hundreds of feet in the air, taking me with it. I looked down at the ground, seeing the trees and buildings as little bumps on the ground. I saw birds in mid flight glancing over at me.

As I went higher, I saw the tops of clouds which looked much like the bottoms, but brighter. Soon I was over the ocean which reflected to me a pretty good imitation of the sun.

I got kind of sleepy, so I tied the kite’s string to my wrist and took a nap.

When I woke, I was over strange lands. I saw unfamiliar rooftops. But then I recognized them from the encyclopedia as buildings in Moscow.

The winds settled down and I landed. This worked out well because I was hungry. I found a nice restaurant and had lunch. Luckily my waitress spoke some English. I told her where I’d come from. She laughed because she thought I was joking. I went along with it because it’s nice to get a laugh.

The winds started up, so I took to flight again with the kite. Soon I was sailing over the other ocean. I got low enough to follow a school of whales, which was great because I’d always wanted to see them.

I got back over land and soon ended up back where I started.

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