The Pot Hole

I was driving back late last night from performing at the Heartland. I was doing my best to avoid the pot holes in the road, but then I quickly came upon one that was wider than my car. I couldn’t avoid it and went in.

I was scared, but then it was an amazing feeling to free fall in my car. I felt weightless. I was thinking, “wow, this car weighs two tons, but right now it feels like a feather.” I dropped for about ten seconds.

Luckily the car landed in water. I liked being underwater. I imagined I was in a submarine on the bottom of the ocean. My headlights were still on and I saw a squid. It looked at me like, “what the heck are you doing down here?”

I mouthed, “Can you help me?” The squid nodded and latched its arms to my bumper and pulled me to the surface. I said, “Thanks.” The squid had a tear in its eye. I said, “What?” The squid pointed one of its arms to its heart, then back to me. I started to cry and I said, “I love you too.”

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