Going on Tour

I got the opening gig slot for the Bruce Springsteen Working on a Dream tour. It’ll just be me, my stories and my harmonica on stage. I imagine there will be few people in the audience. Some will be coming to their seats halfway through my set. They might think I’m doing a sound check for Bruce. Perhaps some will listen in on what I’m saying.

I’m looking forward to traveling around the world. I’m thinking of getting a new suitcase. Perhaps one of those cruise line trunks. I can put stickers on it from each city I visit.

It’s funny, but I almost bought a ticket for Bruce’s show in Chicago. This was before I got the call and booked this gig. I went to the Ticketmaster booth and was about to give my money to the ticket seller. But then something told me, “Don’t do it.” That’s good because I saved myself $100.

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