Conversation With the Snow Man

Today I was walking outside and I heard a, “Pssst, over here.”

I turned and saw a snowman. He wasn’t looking very good. One of his eyes had fallen off. He was tilting. There were some stains where some dogs had peed on him.

I said, “Hello, how’s it going?”

The Snowman said, “It’s okay. I wish I was feeling better. But at least it’s not summer.”

I said,’ “Of course. Can I help you out?”

The Snowman said, “Yes, actually. Can you find my other eye?”

I said, “Sure”. I got down on the ground and looked around. I found a rock. It was a different color than the other eye rock. I held it up.

I said, “Is this one okay?”

The Snowman said, “Yeah, sure, put it in.”

I put it in.

The Snowman said, “How does it look?”

I said, “Very stylish.”

The Snowman said, “Thanks. You know, my life is short. Spring is just around the corner. Soon I’ll melt and be part of a stream. And then a cloud and the forthcoming rain. And at some point you’ll drink me, and then I’ll be you.”

I said, “I look forward to that.”

The Snowman said, “Me too.”

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