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Are you looking to laugh? This book just might be of assistance in that area. Humorist Brooks Palmer helps pull the rug out from under the seriousness of life. With his words of wisdom, short stories, and cartoons, he pokes fun at the human condition in a way that is inclusive and hilarious.

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I’m so glad you stopped by. - "Hi, it's me, Chalmers the frog. Thanks for visiting. I was hoping you would come by. It's not that I have a message. It's just that I like your hereness. Your personal aroma delights me. I often think of that time we visited Paris. At the top of the Eiffel Tower, you told me that I was your best friend. You held my webbed hand. We breathed together. I also think of the time we bought The Soap Store franchise. We were entranced each store featured over 1000 different brands of soap!"
star Me and the star - I laid out on the grass in my backyard and looked up at the night sky. I noticed one star that seemed to be looking at me. I waved. The star twinkled. I said, "How's your night?" The star said, "Where I come from it's never night or day." I said, "Well, here's your right now?" The star said, "It's nice since you started talking to me." I said, "I feel the same about you."
Seeking some more advice from Shiva - I felt frustrated and climbed eighteen hours to the top of Mount Mendenenend to seek advice from Shiva. I came across Shiva who was sitting cross-legged on a mat. Shiva said, "What is it now?" I said, "I'm frustrated." Shiva said, "Okay, sit next to me, under the Moonlight." I sat down next to Shiva. An hour went by. Then another two hours. I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was back at home, in my bed. I heard a sound coming from the kitchen. I asked who was there. Shiva came into my bedroom, with a plate, loaded down with a foot high of food. Shiva sat down on the end of my bed and began to eat. I said, "How did we get back to my place?" Shiva said, "The problem with you is you're always asking questions. Sometimes you just have to enjoy a full plate of food."
George Washington A nice time spent with the ghost of Washington - While eating lunch, I was visited by the ghost of George Washington. It wasn't the first time. He visits me a few times a month. Last year he stopped by when I was taking a bath. He was very calm about it. Back in the late 1700s, nudity was unimportant. Bodies weren't sexualized as they are now. Seeing someone's naked body was like seeing a watermelon without a shirt. On today's visit, I was eating a BBQ turkey leg. The ghost of Washington was enthralled by the intensity of the smell of the seasonings. He said, "It feels like three times the dose of snuff." I set down the turkey leg, and wiped off my hands on a napkin. The ghost of Washington took off his wig and let me rub his bald head. It's something we both enjoy doing.
I thought I would be okay, but I wasn’t, and then I was - I took a trip to Antarctica. I didn't realize there would be so many penguins. I'm allergic to penguins. (I had thought when I got there, there would be just a few penguins and that I could avoid them and be okay.) As a result I was coughing and sneezing repeatedly. Normally that would have drove me nuts, but I forgot to wear a coat and my allergic reactions kept me warm.

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