I came from the planet, Nurtz

It’s been three years since I arrived here on Earth. I came from the plant Nurtz.

Nurtz is pretty far away. It’s further than you can imagine, or would want to.

I don’t miss life on Nurtz. It was a chilly planet that was constantly overcast with mucous colored skies.

I came to Earth because I’d heard about the blue skies, and readily available soda. In the past three years, I’ve never tired of either.



Help from the bed

I was lying in bed, having a difficult time trying to fall asleep. So I decided to talk with my bed.

I said, “Bed, are you awake?”

My bed said, “I was.”

I said, “I’m sorry, it’s just that I can’t sleep, and thought you could sing me a lullaby.”

The bed sweetly sang, “There’s a kitty cat name Flipper, Flipper had purple hair, Flipper whistled like a mockingbird, perhaps Flipper wasn’t a cat.”

I was asleep in seconds.


The pen asks the fingers

the pen asks the fingers

The pen said, “Let’s write something.”

The fingers said, “No, I’m too tired.”

The pen said, “But if you lift me, you’ll get energized.”

The fingers said, “You promise?”

The pen said, “If I’m wrong, you can snap me in two!”

The fingers got excited and picked up the pen. The fingers wrote a story about a person who gets tired of living above water, and dives deep into the Ocean. After a minute and a half, the person is almost out of breath, and is close to passing out. That’s when the Squid came up to the person and breathed oxygen into their mouth. The person felt better and was happy about their original decision.


Surprise visit with the Sun

Sun visit

I took my rocket ship to visit my friend, The Sun.

When I got there, the Sun was happy and surprised to see me.

I got out of the ship and space walked a few feet from the Sun. I wore an asbestos suit that the Sun bought me some years ago for my birthday.

The Sun updated me on its life, and I about mine.

A few times, the sun stretched out one of its rays to me, and I touched it with my fingertip.

Hole with light coming out of it

Hole with light coming out of it

hole with light coming out of it

I got up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. As I walked through the living room to get to the kitchen, I discovered a hole in the floor. There was light coming out of the hole.

I looked down in the hole and only saw light. I wanted to know more, so I said into the hole, “What’s this all about?”

The hole said, “What do you mean?”

I said, “Well, you weren’t here when I went to bed this evening.”

The hole said, “At that time I was elsewhere.”

I said, “Okay, but why have you come?”

The hole said, “No reason in particular.”

I said, “So, are you an omen, or something like that?”

The hole said, “Something is an omen only if you feel it’s an omen.”

I said, “To me you’re just a hole with light coming out of it.”