I was out for a walk when I came upon a lion.

The lion said, “You ought to know I’m considering eating you.”

I said, ” I get it. I’m delicious.”

The lion said, “I thought so.”

I said, “But I’m not good raw. I’m ideal after baking at 350 degrees for 45 minutes. Also make sure to coat me with avacado oil and sprinkle some thyme.”

The lion said, “Oh.”

I said, “What?”

The lion said, “I don’t have an oven, or any of those ingredients.”

I said, “That’s too bad. If you’d like you can come on over to my place and use my oven and ingredients.”

The lion sighed and said, “Really, are you sure it’s not a problem?”

I said, “Not at all. Let’s go.”

The lion and I walked to my house. I set the oven to pre-heat and got out a really big baking pan and began to douse myself with avocado oil.

The lion said, “My stomach’s grumbling. Do you have any snacks?”

I got out saltine crackers and put them on a plate and gave it the lion. The lion ate the crackers as I sprinkled thyme on my head.

The lion said, “You don’t have to do that anymore. The crackers did the trick.”

I said, “If you say so. Would you like to watch a movie?”

The lion said, “That would be nice.”

I said, “Have you seen Midnight Run?”

👍🏼 The lion said, “No, but I heard it’s good.”

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