Me and the Bee

Me and the Bee

I climbed to the top of the tree. I swayed back and forth in the wind. Down below Billy the bear called up to me, “Hey, Brooks. Come down. I found a bee hive full of honey.” I dove off the tree. Billy the bear caught me. His thick fur felt like I’d jumped into a pillow.

Billy the bear set me down and we ran until we got to the bee hive. Bees were buzzing around like a dust storm. I said I was afraid of getting stung. He said, “The greater the pain, the greater the joy.” I moved my hand towards the hive and got stung. It hurt a great deal and I went and sat on a rock. Billy by now had a paw fully deep in the hive. He pulled out a golden glob and gobbled it down.

With honey matted around the fur of his mouth, he shouted, “Come on, Brooks! It’s delicious.” I waved and shook my head, “No.” A bee flew over and landed on me knee. The bee said, “I’m sorry I stung you.” I said I would be okay. The bee held out one of it’s tiny hands. In its palm was a drop of honey. The bee said, “It’s for you.” I lowered my head and stuck out my tongue. With the tip I tasted I tasted the honey. It was wonderful.

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