Regarding the bird

Regarding the bird

The bird landed on my head. I said hi to the bird, who ignored me. I got irritated and tried to swat the bird off, but it managed to hold onto my head. The bird flapped its wings. I was lifted off the ground. The bird flew high in the sky. I looked down, amazed at the view of the countryside below.

But then the bird released my head and I began to fall. The ground got closer and closer. I landed in a haystack. It hurt. I had to lay there for a while before I could think of getting up.

I got up slowly. The bird landed and latched onto my head again. I managed to run backwards. I knew birds can’t fly if they are moving backwards. The bird asked me to stop. I ended up running into a tree. The bird fell off my head. We both lay on the ground in a daze.

I asked the bird if it was okay. The bird said its neck hurt. I apologized. The bird said it was sorry for dropping me from the sky.

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