I was walking through the woods when I came upon a pond. The pond was a whirlpool. I had some free time, so I jumped in. I was spun around and sucked down. I came out and landed in a seat in a movie theater that was showing the movie, Jaws. I was drenched and began to shiver. At the same time, I love the movie, Jaws.

I was shaking from the air conditioning so much that my seat busted. The usher shone a flashlight on me. I covered my eyes because the light was bright. The usher helped me up. He apologized for the broken seat. I didn’t tell him I was the cause. He found me another seat. I shivered in that seat too, but I guess it was better constructed because it held up until the end of the movie.

When the film was over, I got up and went outside. I was still wet and the sun warmed me.

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