Walk of mystery

Walk of mystery

I got in my time-machine but I didn’t type in a time-space destination. It was weird, but felt like I wanted to stay here. It was odd because I usually can’t get enough of time-traveling. I don’t own a TV, so this is my form of entertainment.

I got up and looked around. I wasn’t sure what to do. The present time doesn’t fascinate me. I’m used to it. There’s my house. My car. The couch. My kitchen table.

So I went walking. I walked to the end of my block. I wasn’t sure to go right, left, or straight ahead.

Instead, I closed my eyes and proceeded. When you’re eyes are closed you’re clueless. I’d relinquished control and it was exciting.

A car honked. Someone suggested I watch where I was going. I nodded. I don’t know if they saw me nod.

A dog ran up barking at me. It bit into my pants leg and wouldn’t let go. I kept walking, dragging along the dog with me. Eventually I pet its head and it let go.

I tripped over something and fell hard. I didn’t look and see what took me down. I preferred the mystery. I got up and continued.

I walked nose first into something hard. I stood back and held my nose. It hurt, but I think it made it hurt a little less. I thought I might have walked into the side of a building.

I walked in a different direction. Someone grabbed my arm. She said she was the police. She wanted to know why I was walking around with my eyes closed. I asked if it was illegal. She said it wasn’t but was concerned for my well being because blood was coming from my nose. I wiped my nose with hand, thanked her, and said I would be okay. She let me go.

After a while of quiet walking, I felt the wind of things moving quickly by. It was accompanied by the sound of engines roaring past. I figured I was walking along the side of the freeway. But maybe it was the auto-raceway. I smiled and waved and hooted. I like to be supportive.

A while later I stepped into water and fell. I went under. I figured I was in the lake. I relaxed. The water soothed my nose and my tired muscles. I felt the scales of fish swimming against my face and arms.

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