Mayo and cheese!!

Mayo and cheese!!

I was sitting on the couch, reading, Things Break: a Retrospective on Cracking, when I was visited by an earlier version of myself via time-traveling. We said hi to one another. I said to the earlier me, “Would you like a cheese and mayo sandwich, hold the bread?” The earlier me said, “You know me so well.”

We went to the kitchen and while preparing the meal I said, “Why the visit?” The earlier me said, “I wanted to see if we ever get our act together.” I said, “Not yet. You might want to check up on us further on down the road.” The earlier me sighed and looked out the window.

I brought a big plate of cheese slices and a container of mayonnaise and two knives to the kitchen table. We sat and ate the cheese slathered with extra thick slabs of mayo. The earlier me said, “Hey, what if we were to consider this success?” I said, “Now you’re talking!”

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