Crafty way to get a free meal

Crafty way to get a free meal

I finished reading the book, Millard Fillmore: He Was Once President, and decided to meet him. So I got in my time-machine and typed in “March, 18th, 1852, Washington DC, White House, noon,” into the destination display. I chose noontime because the chances were higher lunch was being served and I was hungry.

I arrived and got out to look around. I wandered into the dining room and lo and behold President Fillmore was seated at the table eating from a plate of meat. He saw me and asked who I was. He spoke with a mouth full of food, some of it flying out of his mouth with the words. That’s how it is with powerful people.

I said I was from the future. I showed him the book I’d brought with me about his life. He got excited and asked to take a look. I said I would trade it for lunch and he said it was a deal and told the butler to get me a plate.

I gave the book to President Fillmore. He read passages out loud with special emphasis every time he said his name. Another powerful person’s proclivity. Last week I brought the book, Thomas Jefferson: Sometimes Not So Nice back in time to visit Jefferson. He read out loud, with a full mouth of food!

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