I can’t get enough of time

I can’t get enough of time

I time-travel a lot in my Deluxe Casio Timer G-15. At least once every day. Some people like watching TV. I like to time travel. Some days I’ll travel to 10 or more places in the past and future. I’m time-insatiable.

My sister has a time-machine. It’s a Timex Preciser Past-er. It only goes back in time. She doesn’t want to know the future. She says she wants to be surprised. Plus she only time-travels once or twice a month. She thinks I have a time-travel addiction.

I wouldn’t say I’m addicted. I feel my time ways are natural . I’ve never felt time is linear. Time is like the wind. The wind constantly flows in a bunch in different directions. I think time hates being seen as one moment followed by another like people marching in a parade.

But my sister feels time is like the water in a river flowing in one direction, that every now and then momentarily changes directions in a swell, surge, or plunge.

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