Time spent under the tree

Time spent under the tree

I sat at the base of the tree. I asked how it was doing. The tree said it had been a good day so far. The tree asked about my day. I said it was awful, but I’d been expecting such. The tree said maybe it would get better. I said I hoped so.

The tree told me about a bird that had landed on one its branches earlier. The bird said it was sad. The tree asked why. The bird said sometimes it feels sad for no reason. The tree said perhaps it was its diet. The bird said it hadn’t considered that.

I said I feel dour when I eat too many potatoes. The problem is I like potatoes. The tree said if I ate less, I could still enjoy them and not feel down. I said I tried but I like them so much that I’m compelled to eat a little more and then I feel badly.

The wind blew hard and some leaves fell from the tree. One of the leaves landed near my foot. I asked the tree if it wanted me to put it back on. The tree said if only I could.

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