I was flying through the sky!

I was flying through the sky!

I was standing and then suddenly I was flying through the sky. I thought I was dreaming. I often dream of flying. But this wasn’t a dream. I couldn’t believe it! I flew through clouds. I sailed alongside a pack of geese. I zoomed by a plane. I’ll never forget the shocked look of the pilot. This was the greatest day of my life!

Then I woke up. I was disappointed it was only a dream. I didn’t want to get out of bed. My life seemed like a turd compared to what I’d been dreaming about.

After an hour I was much too hungry and made myself get up. I went into the kitchen and poured myself a bowl of cereal. I didn’t add milk because what’s the point.

The phone rang. It was my boss Carl. He said I was late and when would I be coming in. I said I wasn’t coming in. He said I’d better come in or I would be fired. I said he couldn’t fire me because I quit. I hung up.

I was mid-chew on my cereal and didn’t have any desire to keep chewing. I let the food fall out of my mouth onto the table. I sighed one of those sighs that Molière had once written as, “The last exhale of a dying star.”

I even lost my ambition to sit and fell onto the floor. I lay there. My body hurt. I stared blankly toward the ceiling.

Strangely the ceiling descended to me. Soon the ceiling was touching my nose. I felt a slip of joy as I thought I would soon be crushed by the ceiling.

But I remained in the same position. I felt a breeze at my back. How was that possible? I reached behind me and felt air. I looked back. The floor was ten feet below me. I was floating in the air!

Life flooded back into my body. I turned mid-air and looked down at my kitchen. I swooped down, grabbed the salt and pepper shakers and began shaking salt and pepper all over my apartment. I had no idea why.

I dropped the shakers and flew to the window. I opened the window and flew outside. I shot up into the sky. I looked down and saw people pointing up at me. I waved at them. They dazedly waved back at me.

I flew up past the clouds, straight up until the blue turned to black. I was in space!

I sailed swiftly to the Moon. When I got there, I floated slowly over its surface. I didn’t want to miss any of its details, especially the craters.

I landed on the Moon and gazed back at the Earth. I started to feel sleepy. I wanted to lie down and rest, but got scared I would fall asleep and wake up back in my apartment, this amazing day having been just a dream.

I couldn’t help it and lay down and fell asleep.

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