Oh well, part 72

Oh well, part 72

I was feeling overwhelmed and got in my time-machine and hit the “Whatever” button. Pressing this sends one to any point in time by random chance.

I’ve often had fascinating adventures via “Whatever.” Recently there was my happenstance visit to the second day after the Big Bang. The previously propelled matter had taken a rest and was panting, after a vigorous day of being flung at full force. The matter asked me how come I wasn’t tired. I explained I was a future ancestor on a ricochet back in time visit. The matter nodded as if it hadn’t listened and went back to its panting.

This time around, the time-machine’s dashboard informed me I’d arrived to the year 6034. There were people milling about in translucent tunnels. There was a lot of bumping into and stumbling over one another, everyone in a hurry. I caught up with one of the people and asked what the fuss was about. He pushed me out of the way. I was curious and followed him as he traversed many miles up and down through the see-thru human Habitrail.

The tunnels suddenly widened four-fold as the man I’d been following came upon hundreds of others standing at the base of a gigantic flower. It was a two-story daisy, the air pungent from raining pollen. He and the others stood with tongues sticking out, air-lapping the plant’s golden dust.

I began to rapid-fire sneeze due to my intense pollen allergy. Suddenly someone next to me fell over. Then another. And another, including the man I’d been following. It was like dominoes. And not just fell over. They lay still, dead.

I looked back through the clear-tunnels and saw the person-avalanche continue on for miles. And then there were none left alive. I figured it was a like a reverse War of the Worlds where the interloper introduced a virus that killed everyone else off.

I walked back to my time-machine and returned to today. I sat down on my couch. I noticed dust floating in the air illuminated by the sun streaming through the living room window. I felt the wave of sneezes about to begin again and remembered I was out of Allegra.

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