Adoring space

Adoring space

I stood on the edge of the cliff and looked out at the space. I love space. There’s nothing, but it’s something otherwise it wouldn’t have a name. So I looked at the space.

I looked long enough with mesmeration and didn’t notice I was leaning forward. Of course I fell. I fell fast. I didn’t mind because I was falling through the space I’d been and was still gazing at.

The space whispered at me as I fell through it. It said, “I like you.” “Thanks for noticing me.” “You’re kind of cute.”

Pretty soon I landed in a bush. I was okay because it was a springy kind of bush. I apologized to the bush if I’d caused it any harm. The bush didn’t say anything. I think that’s because it was okay. Or it didn’t feel like talking with me.

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