Old pair of boots

Old pair of boots

I dug a hole in my yard. I came upon an old pair of boots. I took them out of the ground and washed them off. I dried and put them on. They fit. I went out for a walk.

Someone saw me and said, “Nice boots. Where’d you get ’em?” I shared. The person said, “Would you mind if I dug around in that hole to see if I could find a pair for myself?” I said, “Okay.”

The person came over and dug in the hole. They dug for hours. And then some more hours. Pretty soon it got dark.

I leaned into the hole with a flashlight and said, “How the search going?” The person said, “No luck yet.” I said, “Are you gonna be digging much longer?” The person said, “I guess.” I said, “What size shoes do you wear?” The person said, “11.” I said, “So do I. Take my hand.” I pulled the person out of the hole.

I took off my boots and handed them to the person. I said, “Here.” The person tried them on, walked around, and said, “These are nice. Are you giving them to me?” I said, “Yes.” The person said, “Thanks.”

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