Things which happened that involve animals and some insects

Things which happened that involve animals and some insects

There was a fire at the zoo. Many of the animals escaped. A giraffe made it to my door and knocked. I answered. The giraffe asked if it could live in my backyard. I agreed. That night I was awoken by the giraffe knocking on my bedroom window. I asked what was up. The giraffe said it was lonesome. Since giraffes sleep standing up, I let it sleep with its head on the bed next to me.

I dug a hole in my backyard. Water came gushing out. I’d hit the water main. The backyard flooded. Two swans flew down and landed on my lake. I nodded to them. They ignored me.

I was gone for a day. When I came back, I found my kitchen overrun with rats. They were helping themselves to the food in my pantry. One of the rats asked if I could open my refrigerator. I opened the refrigerator. Rats went in and started eating the food. They stayed inside while they ate because they like cool temperatures.

I answered the door. It was a water buffalo named Max. Max was selling subscriptions to Grit, “America’s Greatest Family Newspaper.” I subscribed. The next day I got the first delivery. My attention was drawn to an article on the front page, “The Sun’s Name Discovered: Theodore Powser.”

I woke up to ants crawling across my bed sheets. There was an uproar because I moved, causing a number of the ants to lose their balance and fall over. I lay still and asked how much longer it would take. One of the ants said, “When we’re done, we’ll let you know.”

I went to see a movie at my local theater. A bear sat in front of me. The bear talked loudly to its friend a peacock. The peacock answered back with high pitch screams. I leaned forward and asked if they could keep it down. The bear and peacock apologized. Things were quiet. I fell asleep since I was tired from the previous long night of canning pears. I was woken by a butterfly usher who said some of the patrons complained about my snoring.

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