I was tossing a quarter into the wishing well when due to my enthusiasm I fell in. My landing was softened by the great amount of quarters on the well’s floor. I rolled around on the quarters and loved the sound of the coins rustling against each other.

I was having so much fun that time flew by and soon it was dark. The wonderful thing about this was the moonlight made the quarters sparkle and reflect off the well’s walls. I continued rolling around in the midst of this terrific light show.

Because the coins made things cushiony I relaxed and fell asleep.’

When I awoke it was morning. I heard someone up above. They were saying their wishes out loud but they hadn’t tossed in their quarter. I asked them what was going on. They said they were reviewing their wishes in order to pick the best one before tossing in their quarter.

I said, “No matter what you wish for, it won’t be any better than rolling around on the quarters down here.”

That person jumped down into the well.

We spent the entire day rolling around on the quarters.

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