Difficulty in the desert

Difficulty in the desert

I was walking through the desert when I was approached by a coyote.

The coyote said, “My name is Jerome. May I join you?

I said, “Yeah, sure. I’m Brooks.”

We walked for a while, in silence.

Jerome said, “Excuse me, Brooks, but I need to talk with the cactus for a moment. Would you excuse me?”

I nodded.

Jerome walked to a cactus and they began a conversation. The discussion became heated. Accusations were hurled. I thought there might be violence.

I wanted to walk away. But, I couldn’t stop staring at their combustion.

The shouting ceased. I heard them breathe. I couldn’t make out a whisper from the cactus. Jerome cocked his head, and scratched his ear with his back leg. He walked away, stopped, and looked back.

Jerome returned to me and said, “Thanks for waiting.”

I said, “Is everything okay?”

Jerome said, “Like a lily in the palm of a gorilla.”

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