the snack

the snack

I was woken from my sleep by the whiskers of a mouse against my cheek.

I said, “What is it, mouse?”

The mouse said, “I’m hungry. Can you get me some cheese?”

I sighed.

The mouse said, “Please, I’m very hungry.”

I said, “I guess.”

I got out of bed and went to the kitchen and the fridge and out got out some cheddar. I put it on a plate and placed it on the floor.

The mouse said, “Thank you” and began to nibble at the cheese.

I stood and stared at the mouse. The mouse stopped eating.

The mouse said, “What?”

I said, “You’re making me hungry. Do you mind if I join you?”

The mouse shrugged its tiny shoulders. I got down on the floor and nibbled alongside the mouse.

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