The meeting

The meeting

My horse, Mr. Fudge Pudding, came to a stop.

I said, “Fudgy, what’s up?”

Mr. Fudge Pudding said, “I’m tired.”

I said, “Okay, let’s stop and take a rest.”

I got off of my horsey. I took some carrots out of the side of the satchel and I fed them to Mr. F.P.

He said, “Thank you,” and wolfed them down.

I looked around at the desert. I love looking at the desert. It feels like it’s moving in place. I felt like the desert was looking back at me.

I took a chance and said, “Desert, how’d you get so fine and dandy?”

I saw waves occur in the air as I heard, “Thank you sir for your kind words. How are you and your horse friend doing?”

I said, “I’m good.”

Mr. Fudge Pudding said, “I’m tired.”

I pet Mr. F.P.’s head. I said, “I rode 12 miles on Fudgy. He rarely complains.”

Mr. Fudge Pudding said, “Today I’m more tired than usual. I had a hard time sleeping last night. Some nights I’m antsy.”

The waves in the air said, “I’ve never slept. I don’t know what that’s like.”

I said, “It’s like taking a long pause.”

Mr. Fudge Pudding said, “Brooks, I’m feeling better and ready to go.” I said, “Okay, Fudgy.”

I got back on Mr. F.P. and said to the desert, “It was good meeting you.”

The desert didn’t say anything. I repeated myself. Nothing.

Mr. Fudge Pudding said, “Let’s get going. This has already gone on for too long.”

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