I’d prefer being a duck

I’d prefer being a duck

I wanna be a duck. I like how they can live on top of water and not get wet. The water falls right off them. I’m tired of having to dry myself off whenever I have any kind of contact with water.

I’m not sure how to become a duck. I might try thinking about it a lot and really hard. The mind is powerful. The thing is, if I instantly become a duck through mental means, and I’m in my home, how will I get to the lake? Ducks can’t open doors. I guess I might get lucky and suddenly become a duck while I’m driving. I always drive with the windows down. Once a duck, I can fly out the window and look for the nearest lake.

Another thing I would like about being a duck is they quack. That’s an extremely simple way of communicating. English has so many words, and since I’m not good at making decisions, it can take me an awfully long time to write or say something. It’s taken me over four hours just to get to this place in the story. As a duck, this blog post would be, “Quack, quack, quack.” Or ever better, I wouldn’t write anything because ducks are disinterested in electronics.

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