I like to stand

I like to stand

I like to stand. I’m standing while I write this.

I don’t like sitting. I never crouch. Nor lie down. I sleep standing up.

Standing is it for me. I like to feel tall. I enjoy looking down at the ground.

Now and then I’ll look up at the sky. But it makes me feel small and then I remember why I don’t do it often.

I walk. Walking is standing in motion. I walk everywhere. Otherwise I’d have to sit in a car seat. And you know how I feel about sitting.

I come from a family of standers. My mom gave birth to me standing up. I landed on my feet, hanging onto the umbilical cord for support.

When I go to the movies, I stand up. I stand up in the very back of the theater so as not to get in the way of the sitters.

I have friends that sit and lie down. I’m friends with them because they don’t question my love for standing. When we hang out, they sit, I stand.

Because of my constant standing, I have incredibly well developed calves. I work often as a leg model.

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