Lunch with a new friend

Lunch with a new friend

I had lunch today with Dark Matter. I’d heard it was 85% of the Universe, yet unknown to everyone. I wanted to get to know it.

First thing I learned, Dark Matter really likes pasta. It ordered spaghetti with turkey meatballs. It poured a big quantity of Parmesan cheese on the noodles. It ate it all in one big bite, but took a half hour to chew it thoroughly.

Second, I learned that Dark Matter is a fancy dresser. It wore a confetti-spangled aluminum like fabric shirt. Dark Matter said it couldn’t be seen, so it wore the shirt so it wouldn’t look like I was eating by myself. I asked what the shirt was made of. Dark Matter said rayon. I asked what it liked about rayon. Dark Matter said, “It’s soft.”

Third, Dark Matter has never seen a movie or television. Not even the Matrix, or Back to the Future. I asked Dark Matter if I could take it to a movie after lunch. Dark Matter thanked me but said it wasn’t interested. I moped, but it wouldn’t change its mind.

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