It was delicious

It was delicious

I was having difficulty writing a blog post, so I got in my time-machine and rode to the year 9, the spring, to Tomas, Romania, a small shack overlooking the Black Sea. A man was sitting at a butcher block, writing. It was the famous Roman poet, Ovid. He was really famous.

With Google translate Latin, (remember my time-machine has time-space wi-fi) I introduced myself, mentioned I was from the future, and said I was looking for writing tips. Ovid sighed and said, “I have nothing to offer you.” I said, “But you were really famous. You must have been doing something right.”

Ovid looked out the window and sighed again. He was really good at it. He said that he had been exiled by the Emperor Augustus for something he had written. He said, “What is good when it is the cause of such bad?”

I thought about what he said. Why did I need to write something profound? No one reads my blog posts. Why even write them? It’s wasting time I could spend laying in bed, watching my mind flow in and out of sleep.

I thanked Ovid and said that I would be on my way. Ovid said, “Would you please stay a little while? I am lonesome and could use the company. Would you like a piece of pound cake?” I said that I would. He got me a plate. It was delicious.

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