I was combing my cow, Maxie, when I was suddenly visited by a ghost couple. They were arguing in German. I knew because my Maxie the cow speaks a little German.

Maxie the cow said, “I think he’s saying something like, ‘Margaritte, the sandwich which starts out whole, gets digested by the eater.’ And she seems to be saying, ‘Ludwig, you fool, it’s your own fault if your hungry. If you’d just eaten before the death moment.'”

Their arguing became louder and more animated. I asked for further details. Maxie the cow said, “Okay, it appears as if he’s saying, ‘I meant a supposition of concept, not a literal transcription.’ And I think she’s saying, ‘You’re a fool for trying to find deeper meanings when it’s enough that we are ghosts randomly wandering the universe.'”

I went back to combing Maxie. I asked if she would comb me when I was done. She said, “I’m still not able to comb you with my hoof.”

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