Fwelp and Me

Fwelp and Me

I’m friends with an ant named, Fwelp. Fwelp and I have been friends for almost five years. We met at a park. I was sitting at a picnic table, eating a slice of watermelon, when I heard a slight, “Might I have a little piece, please?”

I looked down at the ground and saw Fwelp waving. I held my finger and thump apart to try and guess gauge the size he wanted. Fwelp said, “Bigger, please.” I asked, Would like to come up on the table and join me?” Fwelp nodded. I lowered my finger down to Fwelp’s level. Fwelp hopped on. I brought him to the tabletop. I used a spoon to carve out the requested size piece and placed it in front of Fwelp. We munched away on our pieces.

When we were done, we gave our names and shared stories. We got along so well that I asked if Fwelp would like to live in my backyard. Fwelp agreed.

I brought Fwelp home and we dug a series of tiny tunnels in my backyard. I provided Fwelp with pieces of bread and cookies to store in his new home.

Every morning I go out back and whisper into Fwelp’s home, “Good morning.” Fwelp echoes back the same. Fwelp and I often watch television at night. Fwelp likes the old shows, like Gunsmoke, and Adam-12.

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