I’m usually a person. But at a little past one today, I became light.

What happened was I was sitting at my desk, working on my new book, Fooded, which is about how food has strong opinions about things, and when you eat food, you gain their opinions, and that’s why people often contradict themselves after a meal. Suddenly I hiccuped and became light.

As light, I passed through the window in my office at 671,000,000 mph. The things that I flew by outside appeared distorted to me. But I never felt nauseous or thought I might throw up, which is how I always felt when someone was driving me in a car, and they suddenly sped up.

I was also aware that I didn’t have my usual thoughts of worry and disdain. Instead I felt invincible. And I had an incredible sense that I was as long as the Universe, and I was willing to bet everything I had if a tape measure that long could be obtained.

The really interesting thing to me as light was that when I saw other light, I suddenly felt like we were both standing still on opposite street corners of a dusty old mining town. I would nod at them. They would nod back. I would say, “Yep.” They would say, “Yep.”

And then suddenly I was a person, back at my desk in my office. I became terrified of the light in my room and shut off the switch. I sat trembling in darkness.

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