I was out for my early morning walk went I came upon an open manhole cover in the road. I went in and climbed down the metal stairs. It was dark and dank. I wasn’t wearing a jacket and I got the shivers.

I walked bent over along the sewer. I felt a rat crawl over my sandeled foot. It was warm and tickled. I heard a bat fly by my head. I was excited because they are mice with wings. The sound of my feet splashing in the water made me feel splashy.

I walked for a long while. I like walking so it didn’t bother me that I was walking in the sewer.

I turned a corner and saw a shaft of light coming from the grating above. The light shone on a freshly made cupcake on a clean white plate. The plate floated gently on the water. I got closer and noticed the blue and orange sprinkles, my favorite colors!

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