Fricken’ Time

Fricken’ Time

I got in my time-travel machine and traveled to my home one week in the future. I do this every other week. In the in-between weeks, the future me comes to visit me. We agreed to do this as a way to let the future me tell the now me know what crappy things are coming up so they can be avoided.

When I arrived, my future self wasn’t there. I was upset because we had scheduled this time. I waited around for three hours, but no show. I went back home. When I got there, my future self was sitting on the couch.

The future me said, “Where were you? I’ve been waiting for three hours.” I said, “You got it all wrong. It was my turn to visit you.” The future me said, “No, you got it wrong.” I got out my phone’s calendar and showed the future me that it said it was my turn to travel to him. The future me didn’t have his phone, but still said that I was wrong. I said, “You can’t just say that. You have no proof.” The future me got mad and knocked over and broke a lamp. I said, “You need to go.” The future me got in the time-machine and disappeared.

I sat on the couch. When I realized I was sitting in the warm spot that the future had been sitting, I was repulsed and got up immediately.

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