Something I did that got me in trouble but came out okay in the end

Something I did that got me in trouble but came out okay in the end

I took my time-machine back to the year 2 and the most northernmost tip of Nunavat, Canada, called Alert. I was getting away from the madness of people, buildings, computers, traffic and electricity. But it was far from relaxing because I arrived in the midst of a mighty blizzard. I was ill-prepared, wearing a hoodie and parachute pants. I spotted an igloo a few yards away, made a mad dash, and ducked inside. I encountered a grizzled old man wrapped in animal pelts, and his pet walrus. They regarded me with nods. I returned the nods. I pointed towards myself and said, “Brooks.” The man pointed to himself and said, “Wolwolwol, and the Walrus said, “Bwoowk.”

Normally I’m claustrophobic, but I felt serene. The three of us sat in silence for I don’t know how long. Eventually, Bwook the walrus commanded Wolwolwol the man to do tricks, like roll over, beg, and sing. I applauded which scared them and I was pushed out of the igloo. The blizzard was even more intense and I had difficulty finding my time-machine. Eventually I froze in place and figured this was it.

The amazing thing is, I was discovered by an archeological expedition in 1927. They dug up and thawed out me and my time-machine. I thanked them, got in my time-machine and came back home. I took a long hot bath. Then I got out my 21 DVD box set of Brady Bunch: The Complete Series with Shag Carpet Cover, and started with the first disc.

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