Today, so far

Today, so far

I woke up to discover I was laying on a giant marshmallow. I didn’t go to sleep on a giant marshmallow. Yet there it was underneath me. I grabbed a hunk and put it in my mouth. It was warm because I had been laying on it. Marshmallows taste better when warm.

I was energized from the sweet treat and jumped out of bed. I landed knee deep in Sprite soda. The carbonation ticked the skin on my feet and shins. I was curious how there could be carbonation because soda exposed to the air for a while goes flat. But I pushed that thought aside and went back to the joys of the tingling.

I walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Chocolate milk came out and coated my skin. I love the smell of chocolate. I makes me feel that I won the lottery because I would take that money and buy a great deal of chocolate.

When I got out of the shower I was met by a giant sheep. The sheep was standing in front of the towel rack. I realized the opportunity and rolled back and forth on the sheep until I was dry.

Birds flew in through the window and piece-by-piece stitched clothes onto me, made of what seemed to be the same ingredients that go into the making of a nest.

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